Of Inspiration and Mentors

Listening to Neil Gaiman talk about writing with Sir Terry Pratchett and creating Good Omens together is a story I will never get tired of hearing. Especially when he compares it to having Michelangelo “ring you up” to go paint a ceiling together. It reminds me of how I became great friends with my favorite professor—learning from the master, similarly to a young Neil Gaiman.

During my formative years—which is how I refer to my undergraduate years—I had the opportunity to work alongside my favorite professor as a student worker in our on campus Print Shop. In this role, I was responsible for designing various printed projects, printing those projects, and communicating with clients. The clients were mainly the faculty and staff of the university, but occasionally, we would have requests from individuals in the community. It was here that I learned everything I needed to know about graphic design, workflows, and customer service. 

From this working relationship blossomed a lifelong friendship that has been every bit as fulfilling as the friendship between Sir Terry and Neil.

Doctor Who and You

On the October 12, 2020 episode of David Tennant’s podcast, entitled “David Tennant Does a Podcast With…Neil Gaiman,” Neil recalls watching Doctor Who at age four and loving it. David Tennant also grew up watching Doctor Who, and at an early age began to dream of becoming the titular character someday, thus inspiring him to pursue acting as a career.

Writer Neil Gaiman tells David Tennant how a young boy from the south of England who wanted to be a ‘freelance religion designer’ grew up to create the ground-breaking worlds of Sandman, Good Omens, American Gods and reveals what is still left for him to conquer. 

I started watching what some Whovians would call “Nu Who” fifteen years ago at age thirteen in 2005, and I also fell in love with the show. I remember being fascinated and inspired by The Doctor’s courage, wit and compassion. The fact that Doctor Who played such a significant role in the lives of two people I admire and respect inspires a closer feeling of kinship. It feels like Doctor Who is the golden thread that has woven together the tapestry of interconnectivity between creative people who are miles and generations apart, but who still find joy being immersed in the arts.

David Tennant and Neil Gaiman are the role models that I wish I could have learned from, and talked to in person. However, through following their careers, it feels like spending time with old friends.

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