Meet My Sims: Aziraphale and Crowley

I have been playing The Sims since the early 2000s when The Sims 2 debuted. Since then, I’ve played The Sims 3, and I currently play The Sims 4.

In The Sims 4, I decided to expand upon my fictional family that I previously wrote about which is based on Good Omens and the roleplay that I’ve been a part of for over a year now. Although Aziraphale and Crowley are male shaped beings in the show and the book, they are genderless as described by co-author and show runner Neil Gaiman. As such, the fandom has adopted the tag “Ineffable Wives” to describe the central pairing when depicting Aziraphale and Crowley as female shaped beings. In my sims game, I have created the Ineffable Wives.

So, without further ado, meet my sims!

First up is Aziraphale:

Aziraphale in outfit version number 1
Closeup of Aziraphale in outfit number 2
Aziraphale in the kitchen at her & Crowley’s cottage
Aziraphale making tea

Next up is Crowley:

Close up of Crowley and her signature golden snake eyes
Crowley doing “the eyebrow thing” that we all her signature dark sunglasses
Full body Crowley
Crowley, the starmaker ❤

The Ineffable Wedding!

The ceremony was a beautiful springtime affair with flowers in bloom as far as the eye could see!

Outfits that are Just for Funsies

Naga!Crowley is a fan favorite that I wanted to recreate. Though this version of Crowley wasn’t depicted in the show or the book, it’s a version that fans have latched onto and ran with! Even though Crowley in snake form as they appear on the show most closely resembles a Red Bellied Black Snake, I wasn’t able to find a color scheme that was an exact match for this coloration.

Naga Crowley
Naga Crowley, but facing slightly more left

I loved the King Arthur versions of Aziraphale and Crowley in the episode 3 cold open, and I wanted to try recreating those looks as well. The armor isn’t an exact match, but I feel it captures the essence of the the costumes!

Crowley as compared to my sim Crowley
Aziraphale as compared to my sim Aziraphale

I’ve had a blast making and playing with these sims, and I’m happy to say that Good Omens has breathed new life into an old pastime!

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