I Wrote Another Poem

Almost Home

As I close my eyes and try to drift off to sleep

I hear the hum of the engine and the whoosh of

the road under the tires. I feel you take my hand

and kiss my knuckles, whispering “we’ll be home soon.”

I feel the steady tremble of the car as it

drives upon the asphalt. Intermittent bumps

along the way. I drift to the right in my seat as

you take a curve. Back to center as the road

straightens out. The wheels hit a particularly rough

pothole, and I hear you curse under your breath and

I feel you glance at me, hoping I didn’t wake.

I drift to the left in my seat as you take

another curve. Staying put now as the road straightens

out again. Forehead resting against your shoulder

as I inhale your cologne. Last memory as

I am welcomed into sleep’s warm embrace.

I’m home.

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