My Hero, Bucky Barnes

It took some time to finally organize my thoughts into a cohesive narrative. It has been several weeks since I watched The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. When I finished the series, I immediately watched it again. And again and again. All of the thoughts and emotions surrounding Bucky Barnes, one half of the titularContinue reading “My Hero, Bucky Barnes”

Working From Home

It’s 10 AM on a cloudy Wednesday morning in January. The curtains are open, letting hazy blue-grey light illuminate my bedroom. My essential oil diffuser is running at full speed, filling the room with the gentle aroma of white tea. I look to my left and see my laptop. I look to my right andContinue reading “Working From Home”

So, Uhhh…There Was a Coup

January 6, 2021 started like any other morning. Breakfast, shower, work. Nothing at all out of the ordinary. Until it happened. The Invasion. These weren’t invaders from a foreign country, but invaders consisting of traitors who were home-grown in the USA. I have many feelings about this insurrection and I still haven’t been able toContinue reading “So, Uhhh…There Was a Coup”


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