How Entertainment Can Heal

I originally posted this to twitter, and Neil Gaiman himself was gracious enough to respond.

At the time I wrote this nearly exactly a year ago on September 26, 2019, I was going through a time of great emotional turmoil and upheaval. I was struggling to manage my depression and anxiety, and I was consumed with hopelessness.

The stars seemed to align on that Thursday night when I watched the season 16 Greys Anatomy premiere titled “Nothing Left To Cling To.” Without giving away spoilers, the episode focused heavily on healing. This episode coupled with having just watched Good Omens on Amazon Prime served as a tipping point. It was as if emotions and feelings, and most importantly, clarity was unlocked and I began a new journey toward wellness.

Now, just over 365 days later, I’ve started a supplementary antidepressant, increased the dosage on my primary antidepressant, started this blog, felt lighter and freer than I’ve felt in years, and I finally feel like I have reached a state of equillibrium.

I won’t say life is perfect. Life could never be perfect, but now that I’ve gotten a foothold on recovery, I feel that moving forward is within reach.

The full text of my September 26, 2019 Twitter post is below:

So my life post Good Omens has been fascinating. I’ve just finished Greys Anatomy and I’m watching How To Get Away With Murder, both of which had very poignant depictions of therapy that felt incredibly timely for the place in my life I’m in right now. I’ve been attending therapy regularly, journaling, taking my meds as I should, and I feel that God is finally telling me I’m gonna be ok. I mentioned Good Omens because the sense of joy and happiness it’s brought to my life has been the catalyst to really dig deep and work harder on getting better.

It’s like everything I love is creating this massive feedback loop of stability and wellness that is impossible to ignore. It all started with Good Omens and my life hasn’t been the same since ♡ I’m grateful for the book, the show, everyone involved and finally seeing the light.

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