Good Omens Inspires

Good Omens has served as an inspiration to many people since its 2019 premier on Amazon Prime. The show has sparked the creativity of artists, writers, cosplayers, prop makers, and dozens more creative people too numerous to list.

It is the writers of Good Omens fan works in particular who have captivated me the most since the release of the show. There is something poetic about how Good Omens has taken a journey from the written word to a visual medium and back again to paper and ink in the form of fan written works.

Of these works, one compilation of verse stands out as a treasured favorite.

Angels in the Dark by Tiana M. Reynolds, is a book of poetry inspired by the love between Aziraphale and Crowley—the main characters in Good Omens. Each word is perfectly placed to convey all the love that is shown over millennia in the form of a stolen glance, or the brush of fingertips as a bag of priceless books changes hands.

The description on the back of the book says it all:

“Enter an ethereal world where love and longing, ecstasy and joy intertwine in beautiful harmony. This collection of poetry transforms ordinary emotions into the extraordinary, leading us on a glorious journey from desperate desire, to the first blush of love, to the wondrous discovery of two souls finding themselves in each other. It is by turns intense, soulful, and deeply erotic. But above all, it is a story about love.”

The author, Tiana, is someone I have gotten to know over the past year, and I consider it a privilege and an honor to call her a friend.

When asked about her inspiration for the book, Tiana writes:

“When my third daughter was born in spring 2019, she required extended hospitalization. It was a common issue with a guarantee she would be home quickly, but it was still the hardest nine days of my life. A month after she was released, I sat down to watch Good Omens. She slept in my arms for an episode each evening, sharing my laughter and tears for our last nights in the U.S. before heading back overseas. During those hours, I left behind the memory of being without her, the impending departure from our extended families, and all of the guilt and sadness I carried from both. Good Omens was a much needed escape for which I am exceedingly grateful. It is a part of our story, hers and mine, and it will always have a place in my heart.”

Good Omens has served as a source of creative inspiration as well as inspiration for healing for myself, for Tiana, and for countless other people around the globe.

Angels in the Dark is available on Amazon for kindle and in paperback. It is a beautiful read, and I highly recommend it!

Also by Tiana M. Reynolds:

100 Days of Rain is available on Amazon for kindle and in paperback.

Satirical, lyrical, and poignant, 100 Days of Rain allows us to glimpse our current global climate through a fresh window. Both sarcastic and heartfelt, these bite-sized poems encourage us to embrace and lament our shared frustrations with a biting wit. Although the author does not shy from touching on dark themes, the lasting impression is refreshing, allowing us to laugh at the absurdity of it all, instead of wallowing in despair. As a result, 100 Days of Rain is just what we need to cleanse the stale and dusty air. So grab an umbrella, and jump in!

Connect with Tiana on Twitter: @secondhand_poet

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